Why Technology and Engineering

Engineering and Technology Philosophy


“Don’t be bored, make something.”


This has become the rallying cry by many to grow a generation of students who are makers of things, not just consumers of things.


The Westlake High School (WHS) Technology & Engineering (T&E) program allows budding tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and inventors to design and build creations of useful beauty, helping to drive the next era of American innovation.


Equipped with the tools and skills necessary to design and make just about anything, the WHS T & E program will inspire to pursue careers in design, architecture, advanced manufacturing, and the related fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


The WHS T & E program is a high quality educational program that provides optimal learning experiences which are compulsory for students to develop and acquire skills necessary for higher education, life, and the 21st century STEM global workforce. 


The key components of the WHS T & E program provides students with STEM driven, project based, experiential educational opportunities and experiences which builds confidence, strength of character, team building, communication, engineering and technology skills, and problem solving capabilities useful in all careers and in every educational experience.


The WHS T & E program will …..


1. Assist students in communicating and understanding ideas non-verbally, through sketches and technical drawings.

2. Enhance the skills of spatial visualization required for geometry, trigonometry and algebra, thereby helping students to prepare for careers in engineering, design, architecture and science.

3. Provide students with take-home, physical evidence of their mastery of skills.

4. Instill a pride of accomplishment and self-esteem.

5. Give students the opportunity to execute precise work and to produce useful products, and become “self-assessors” using a variety of measuring and hand tools, and subsequently the fit and finish of things to self-assess the quality of their work.

6. Train the eye and hand to see accurately and to feel the sense of beauty in form.

7. Inculcate the habits of attention, perseverance and patience.

8. Offer opportunities for students to go where their hearts demand by selecting designs and projects that motivate them not only as a problem solver but also as a student.

9. Provide opportunities for students to overcome setbacks that occur when working on real objects.

10. Provide relevancy of other subject matter to their lives, thereby preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

11. Provide non-academic areas for demonstration of skills and pursuit of excellence.

12. Provide a non-contrived opportunity for engagement of multiple intelligences.

13. Provide an opportunity to engage physically and actively in learning exercises.

14. Provide an opportunity for immersion and success even for those disinclined toward academic involvement.

15. Help students gain confidence as real world problem solvers.


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