Flipped Classroom Research Study

The Flipped Classroom: A Course Redesign to Foster Learning and Engagement in a Health Professions College

McLaughlin, Jacqueline E. PhD, MS; Roth, Mary T. PharmD, MHS; Glatt, Dylan M.; Gharkholonarehe, Nastaran PharmD; Davidson, Christopher A. ME; Griffin, LaToya M. PhD; Esserman, Denise A. PhD; Mumper, Russell J. PhD

The article deals with the flipped classroom method using college students in a pharmaceutical program.  A first year course was used as the test group.  The goal was to increase critical thinking, written communication, and complex reasoning skills.  Lack of these skills lead to higher unemployment rates, higher debts, and lower lifestyle satisfaction.

The lectures where put online and students completed them at their own pace. In class students were expected to have covered the material prior to class.  The class time was used to master the material like collaborative work, labs, mini student lectures, and reviews.

The study concluded average attention spans in a traditional classes is 15-20 minutes and material retention was less than 20%.  Active classes engaged students more and made better use of the student’s time.  Student-centered learning engaged students in class by be putting the student in control of the content that mastered prior to class.

Overall the article was good. It highlighted a current issue in the way students learn.  The flipped classroom has its merits and may be the future of education.  The study was also conducted by professionals in the educational world.  The article was also backed up by other studies.

There were some questions and issues I had with the article.  The sample size was narrowed to one group that was all the same class and major.  I would have liked to see a more diverse group.  The study was also not repeated.  The study also didn’t directly connect back to critical thinking, written communication, and complex reasoning skills.  Student achievement was defined in overall grades.


McLaughlin, J. E., Roth, M. T., Glatt, D. M., Gharkholonarehe, N. P., Davidson, C. A., Griffin, L. M., . . . Mumper, R. J. (2014). The Fipped Classroom: A Cousre Redsign to Foster Learning and Engagement in a Health Profesionals School. Jornal of The Association of American Medical Colleges, 236-243.

Flipped Classroom in College Article Full Text


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