Examining STEM Article

Examining the Quality of Technology Implementation in STEM Classrooms: Demonstration of an Evaluative Framework

Caroline E. Parker, Cathlyn D. Stylinski, Christina R. Bonney, Rebecca Schillaci & Carla McAuliffe

The article compares professional development and classroom implementation of technology.  The study compared ITEST (Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers) program and no professional development.  The other part of the study was to categorize technology so that it could determine what type’s teachers used and how they effected students.

The study was made up of 59 test teachers, 24 with ITEST training and 35 without.  They focused on one class and completed scoop portfolios, reflections, and post interviews.  The data was ranked by the types of technology they used and how often.  The categories of technology were STEM workplace, ubiquitous, and instructional.  They aligned the types to science and math standards.  The data was coded sing multiple methods and ranked.

The finds showed that there was minimal differences in the groups.  The data should there were similar result in both groups in using technology and to what extent.  The most successful teachers used all types of technology and especially STEM workplace technology.  The lowest scoring teachers only replaced regular classroom activities with instructional types.

The article did a good job of setting up what they wanted to learn.  The defined the types of technology to be used and how that effected students.  It also relied on multiple sources for input, like teachers, students, and STEM industry professionals.  The article also covered the importance career connections in education.  The authors all were respected professionals that relied on past research.  I also like that they try to examine what teachers think technology is.

The negatives of the article were a lack of examples for the teacher evaluations.  A sample of work would be helpful.  For concrete examples of the technology types the defined would also be helpful.


Caroline E. Parker, C. D. (2015). Examining the Quality of Technology Implementation in STEM Classrooms: Demonstrating of an Evaluative Framework. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 105-121.

STEM Article Full Text


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